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What Are Low-Impact Shingles?

When you choose a new roofing system for your house, a crucial aspect is picking the best possible materials. These days, low impact shingles are increasingly popular because of the benefits they offer.

Impact-resistant (IR) shingles are a class four type shingle. Manufacturers use an asphalt formula called rubberized asphalt, which enhances the durability of the material, helping it to withstand hail storms.

Protect Your Structures From Hail and Wind Damage

Impact-resistant shingles reduce the damage to roofs caused by hail and heavy debris. Although they generally won’t mitigate all the problems, they help in limiting the losses. For homeowners who want the most extended life for their roof, these types of shingles are a reliable option.

The rubberized material absorbs some of the impacts of hail, protecting the shingle from cracking. That’s a significant advantage because these cracks often cause roofing systems to fail.

Even the smallest faults in your roof impact the house’s air quality, temperature, and aesthetic appeal. Selecting superior materials like low impact shingles helps you make the most of your roofing investment.

Rough Weather Increases Roof Repair Needs

One of the top reasons to choose low impact shingles is to mitigate storm damage. For homeowners living in Oklahoma, which is prone to unpredictable or severe weather patterns, these shingles offer superior protection from the elements.

Shingles are what most commonly need repairs or replacement on most roofing systems. By choosing a professional roofing installer and higher quality materials, you can help to offset the potential for costly repairs.

Basey Roofing are specialists in installing low impact shingles that make sure the job gets done right, and no detail gets overlooked.

If selling your home, installing a new roof can help increase the marketability and listing price of your property. Many of today’s homebuyers are searching for “turnkey” homes ready to move into without a lot of added work, renovations, or improvements.

Getting the Right Shingles Is Key

No matter how mild the weather is, eventually, lower quality shingles get damaged. Bad storms and constant exposure to the elements can result in them degrading through wear and tear.

There’s no way to avoid it, but certain materials perform better than others. With low impact shingles, your roofing system has an extra layer of protection against the elements. Hail and other weight-bearing debris can’t penetrate these shingles as quickly as older or outdated roofing systems.

The essential factor to consider when weighing your roofing option is your local weather conditions. If your house takes a beating from regular wind and hail storms, low impact shingles are likely worth the investment. This roofing material is attractive, durable, and helps to protect the overall investment in your home.

While you might be inclined to try and save much money on your shingles or roof, this isn’t somewhere you want to skimp. Cheap materials or faulty installation can cause even more problems, resulting in more hassles and expenses.

After the installation, the good news is that you can worry less the next time a storm rolls in.