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Why is a good roof important in Oklahoma City?

In Oklahoma City, a good roof is essential for the safety and security of every permanent dwelling. Without one in place, there is no protection from the elements, making the house unlivable. Fortunately, that isn’t a problem when you have a top roofing system installed by industry-leading professionals.

Did you know that the roof loses over one-quarter of a house’s total heat? If there are significant issues with the structural quality of materials, the amount of heat lost can be higher. On cold days and nights, this can contribute to enormous heating bills, which all homeowners should strive to avoid.

The Perfect House Needs A Reliable Roof

A weak roof brings other perils with it. The air quality can suffer due to leaks and other faults. Environmental dangers such as leaves and debris entering the home can cause fungal growth or worse. The situation can become critical quickly. Whether you’re planning on building new or replacing the existing roof on your home you need a good Oklahoma City roofer, that uses high-quality materials and a trusted roofing system installer.

When installing a new roof on a home in this area, you’ll need to choose the materials and design that match your aesthetics and stand up to Oklahoma City weather.

While the area only has about 82 days of rain a year, it is in the middle of “Tornado Alley,” so being able to stand up to strong winds and unpredictable weather is essential.

Save Money on Heating and Cooling

Saving up to 25% on heating and cooling is something that can motivate many homeowners. Your home represents a significant investment. A new roofing system helps to contain and cap heating and cooling costs. Severe defects in the quality of the roof decrease energy-efficiency and could put your home at risk.

Some homeowners may even get a return on investment when adding a new roof. If putting the home on the market, a new roof is always a positive selling point. According to sources, adding a new roof to your home adds a national average of around $12K to your home’s worth.

Even if you’re not selling anytime soon, it will have an immediate impact on your energy bills.

Houses With Good Roofs Sell Fast

Potential buyers are apt to consider the roof when they’re looking to buy a new home. The more recently the roof installation, the more likely it will impact the asking price and what people are willing to pay. If it’s newer, particularly good looking and has a lengthy warranty, these factors add value. Homeowners should save their documents, paperwork, and receipts from their roof installation to show the value to prospective buyers.

Other notable benefits of having a solid roof include extra security, better air quality, and increased energy efficiency.

All of these things help you sleep better at night, knowing that your Oklahoma City home is protected using the most modern materials and residential roofing systems available today.